First Impression

If you are then it’s very important to remember that first impressions count. People make a judgements about sellers from the first things they see when they land on ebay store pages.

Basic ebay templates and page layouts no longer cut it when you are competing with many other sellers who are offering the same or similar products as yourself.

The good thing is that Ebay sellers can easily turn first impressions into an advantage by presenting their visitors with professionally designed pages in line with a strong seller brand identity.

Having expertly designed Ebay pages will change the way your buyers think about your offerings. They will instantly build trust and confidence in the mind of the buyer an this in turn makes them much more likely to buy from you instead of one of your competitors.
Case Study - Watch Max
WatchMax sell a range of the latest designer watches through their ecommerce website & ebay store.

With many other companies selling the same range of designer watches through ebay, WatchMax realised they needed to find a way of making their own offering stand out from the rest of the market place.

We suggested creating a professional ebay storefront and listing page along with a new company logo and stronger brand identity which could then be used across their ecommerce channels and their own website.

The newly designed branding and ebay page designs resulted in an immediate 50% increase in sales conversion rates through the ebay store and a 30% increase in sales through the company’s own website.