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Why your business needs a facebook page
Like or loath it Facebook is has become the largest website in the World. There are now over 600 million registered users which means it has massive potential for generating new customers as well as marketing products or services to an existing client base.

Build your brand - Search engines like Google love popular brand. The best place to build your brand is Facebook. When people like you on Facebook it's like a vote of popularity for your brand. The more likes you get the more popular you are, and the more authority search engines will give your site.

Having a Facebook page for your business means that people can decide to ‘Like’ your page and become a fan. When this happens your business is actually getting votes from Facebook users, the more ‘Likes’ you get the higher your profile. Once your customers become followers by liking your page, you can inetract with them to easily promote your business by posting information or news that will automatically appear on their own Facebook wall.
What we do for you
So how can your business start to take advantage of Facebook’s huge potential ? Well the first thing that you will need is a professional looking Facebook business page for your organisation and that’s where we can help.

By designing customised Facebook pages in line with your corporate id, you can confidently share information about your company and the services you provide and prompt users to visit your main website by embedding links that lead directly to your own site pages or individual products on your web site.

Our designers will work with you on a one to one basis to create an attractive and appealing Facebook business page containing all the essential information that visitors need t know about your company. Once completed, your custom Facebook page can start it’s job of enticing visitors into subscribing to your social media message.
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