Why Choose Absolute?
Today, a website is the most important marketing tool for any business.
It is usually the first point of contact for all potential new customers.
Proven track record over 17 years
At absolute web design we have been building websites for 17 years (since 1998). During that time we have created literally 1000s of websites for every type of business you can image.

By using our services you can draw from our extensive knowledge and be confident that the advice we provide comes as a result of many years of commercial experience.
Long term partnerships through customer service
We have clients that have been with us for 17 years, very few agencies can make that statement.

Our aim has always been to provide a friendly, personalised and professional service in order to develop long term relationships with our customers. As a direct result of this policy a lot of our new business now comes from existing customer referrals and recommendations.
Fast turnaround
Our long experience has helped us to develop a very streamlined and efficient website design and build methodology which allows us to deploy new websites extremely quickly without compromising on quality.

The more times you do something, the better you become and same thing is true when creating websites. Developing literally 1000s of websites since 1998 has enabled us to become very efficient at the process. This inevitably allows us to keep our costs down and more importantly, save you money.

Just how quickly can we build? Well providing we have all of the information in place we can usually create a typical ecommerce website totally from scratch within 7 to10 days.
Free support as and when you need it
We have spent countless time making our website applications as easy to use as possible but even so, we know there will be times when you are bound to need extra help or advice. This is why we have developed a three tier support system which allows you to easily get support when you need it.

All our support is comes free of charge as part of your website solution. We have developed comprehensive online line user guides which are linked directly to the tools and functions within your website admin.

Support is also available by telephone, live online chat and our online support ticketing system which is available 24hours a day. In the admin of your website, you also have access to our live support system which can be used (with your permission) by our support team to remotely connect to your machine and guide you directly by controlling your mouse and keyboard.
Fair price policy and satisfaction guarantee
We provide high quality solutions at a very competitive and fair price. We know from experience that other agencies charge two or three times our rates for comparable (and often inferior) website projects.

All our site designs are always created in house from scratch, we never use templates or modified 'themes' to create a client's website. We also guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with the completed project.
Honest feedback
We want your website to be successful and we will use our experience to let you what we think is best. If you make a suggestion which we think is a good idea, we will work with you to implement it in the best way possible.

On the other hand, if we think something is not quite right we will let you know and explain why we think so. Over the years we have found that this honest approach is something our clients value very highly.
Cloud based software that never goes out of date
Today, a lot of newer agencies do not have their own proprietary software solutions or in house developers. This means they have to resort to building client's websites using third party software that they have downloaded free of charge from the internet.

They then have to 'bolt on', a mish mash other free software plugins and extensions to try and create the functionality their clients have actually asked for.

More often than not, this approach results in poor performing websites that provide a terrible experience for any visitors. As time goes by, trying to keep this type of system up to date and secure can be a become very expensive and time consuming. In fact sometimes the only solution to a particular problem is to start everything again completely from scratch.

At Absolute Web Design we develop all of our applications in house. For you, our client, this means we are able to provide a much higher level of support all through the initial build of your website and beyond. Absolute Web Design's ecommerce software is a 'next generation' cloud based solution. This has great advantages as it allows us to constantly work on improvements and enhancements which are then automatically applied in the background without affecting the operation of your website.

In short, this means your website system will never go out of date and you will save both time and money. Going forward, you will never need to pay for the system to be updated.
Not just a website
Our ecommerce system will provide you with much more than just a website. Each system comes with a suite of marketing tools to help you promote your website on the internet. Direct integration with advanced email marketing system such as mailchip and functions which can ping rrs article, google ping – ebay integration banking and accounting