Ecommerce Software Features List
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Order Summary
Displays the total number of new orders for the current week.
Revenue Summary
Displays total revenue for all order for the the current week.
New Reviews Report
Displays a count of new customer reviews/testimonials with option to approve & publish on website.
Most Viewed Product Alert
Displays name of most viewed product and number of views.
Optimisation Alert
Reports number of pages requiring optimisation with quick link to begin optimisation and edit page SEO tags.
Website Enquiry Alert
Displays the count of new enquiries made through the website with direct link to the enquiry manager.
Quick Links
Utilise quick links to get to the most important areas of your admin quickly.
Support System
Add / View / Edit your support requests directly from your website admin.
Google Analytics
Integrate google analytics into the dashboard to see live website visitor counts and which pages your visitors are currently viewing.
Unlimited Products
Add as many product as you need to your website.
Unlimited Categories
Add as many categories as you need to your website.
Products In Multiple Categories
You can display products in any number of categories at the same time.
Sticky Products
Pin selected products to force them to appear at top of the listing order on category pages.
Price Banding
Set custom price bands for different customers. This is useful for B2B websites and offer regular customers a discount on your standard prices.
Bulk Buy / Quantity Discounts
Allows you to offer a discount on selected items when the customer buys specific quantities of a product. EG, buy 1-10 price £9.99, buy 11-20 price £8.99 and so on.
Bulk Buy / Quantity Discounts
Allows you to apply specific bulk discounts to different items in a list of variants. EG, you offer quantity discounts on a range of coloured T Shirts of a particular design. However, the white T Shirt from the same design is cheaper and has a different quantity discount pricing structure.
RRP Prices
Display RRP prices to show customers how much they will save on particular items.
Trade Prices
Separate, sitewide discounted pricing for trade customers and specific customer account types.
Out Of Stock Over-Ride
Allow customers to order selected products even if they are out of stock. This is a rule which you can apply individually to over-ride site wide out of stock ordering rules.
Low Stock Warnings
This automatically sends an email alert to the website admin as selected products fall below re-order/low stock level.
Meta Optimisation Alerts
Displays warning alerts to the website administrator when meta titles and descriptions are not written to best practice guidelines.
Product Tabs
Easily create tabular layouts to display extra product information in addition to the product main description.
Tab Templates
If a group of products use the same tabular layouts, you can save the layout as a template and share it with other products. This saves a huge amount time when creating and updating your product information.
Universal Tabs
When products share the information within a particular tab, you can create a universal content tab so that future changes will be automatically applied to all products using it. Again, this can save many hours of work for the website admin.
Related Products
For product detail pages, this function displays related products on the page. The site admin chooses which products to displayed along with a caption. eg. 'You may also be interested in', 'People who bought this also bought'.
Related Pop Up Add To Basket
When a customer add a product to the basket, related products can appear on the cart page with caption eg ‘Don’t forget your batteries’ etc.
In Basket Related Products
Similar to pop up add to basket products this allows related products to display on the cart page and drive additional purchases as the customer begins the checkout process.
Create your own product promotions such as best sellers, special offers, featured product, and new arrivals etc.
Promotional Labels
Make products stand out on your pages. Add eye grabbing labels for special offers, best sellers and sale items etc.
Multiple Product Page Layouts
Some products may need a different type of page structure. You can achieve this by creating as many different product detail page layouts as you like.
Product Cloning
If you have a range of products sharing similar properties. The clone tool will save you loads of time by duplicating an existing product. After that all you need to is make a few quick edits instead of adding a new product from scratch.
Product Attribute Filters
Create custom search filters to allow customers to filter products by particular properties. EG filter by colour, size, style, brand, etc. You can create as many filters as you need for any type or range of products.
VAT Exempt Products
For websites selling VAT exempt disability products. The customer will fill out a declaration form at the checkout. Once completed, the system will remove VAT from exempt items and save the declaration with the order. (Note: For zero and reduced VAT items see Tax rates function).
Child Products
This is a powerful SEO tool with which you can create child products and get more of your pages cached in Google. By using this tool you can target a range of specific search terms for each product.
Split Testing
Better page design will increase your sales. You can use this tool to test different product detail page layouts and find the one which works best.
Multiple Product Variants
Create unlimited product variants such as size, and colour. Each variant can have it’s own price, tax rate, image, weight etc.
Variant Select Image Change
Option to display a matching variant image as your customer makes a selection on the customer in the product detail page.
Variant Colour Swatches
Option to display product colour options as swatches on the product detail page. Your customer will see the full range of colours available for the product.
Product Additions
Ability to offer optional extras with the main product. Eg. You sell battery powered items and offer a pack of batteries and an option. The option can have its own set price.
Additions As Dropdowns
Layout option. You can choose to display product options in a drop down list like variants.
Addition As Text Field
Collect a line of text or instructions from the customer. Eg. You offer a gift wrapping option. Your customer can enter a personal message to go with the gift.
Addition As Checkboxes
You want to collect a yes/no answer from the customer. With this option you can display a yes/no checkbox instead of a dropdown menu. Eg ‘Would you like free gifts wrapping?’ Yes/No checkbox.
Addition Image Upload
You offer a print or embroidery service and your customer needs to upload artwork. This option allows you to display a file upload field. Files are saved with the customer’s order for easy retrieval by the website admin.
Multiple Detail Images
Add as many detail images as you like for each product. Choose from a range of display options. Options include pop up, magnify, and zoom with a choice of zoom tools.
Thumbnail Image Flip
Displays a second thumbnail image on mouseover. This is a useful tool for clothing websites if you want to display front and back images of the garment.
Custom Image Paths
If you store images in a separate location, you can enter the url. No image needs to uploaded the image. This is perfect for drop shippers or if you need to manage thousands of images.
Additional Properties
You want to display additional product details such as technical info. This tool has the option to output ten extra fields on your product detail page.
Product Videos
Embed product videos into your product detail pages. This can increase engage with your customers and help to improve your sales.
Article / Blog Manager
No need for an additional word press blog for additional content and news. The news article manager lets you build content and run your blog within your own website pages.
Add Unlimited Articles
You can add as many articles as you like. To improve SEO, you can create links straight to your product detail pages in the text of your articles.
Categorise Articles For Better SEO
Add unlimited article categories. When you have a lot of blog pages it is better to split them into categories. This will help people to quickly find what they are looking for and help with your SEO.
Embed YouTube Videos
Embed YouTube videos into your articles. Simple easy to use tool. It allows your visitors to view your own or your suppliers YouTube videos in your website pages.
Customer Reviews Manager
Collect product and service reviews through your website to improve sales conversions and Google rankings. The review manager allows you to selectively publish reviews on your customer facing pages.
Send Approved Review Emails
Once you approved a review, an email will go to the customer to let them know their review is live on your website.
Display Review Per Product
You can display reviews relating to a product on the product detail page. You can set the number of reviews to display on the product detail page. Reviews can be filtered by rating to show the most appropriate ones.
Display Reviews In Master List
A master list of selected reviews can be added to any page of the website to help with search engine rankings and improve sales conversions.
Supplier Management
Create supplier accounts which can be then be synchronised with products to apply bulk price updates etc.
Powerful Shipping Management
A comprehensive range of shipping rules can be created which will cater for almost any combination of shipping scenarios. Please give us a call if you need to apply specific shipping rules, we will explain how these can be set up.
Custom Shipping Regions
Custom shipping regions can be created for geographical areas of the UK such as highlands and islands and foreign countries. Each region can have its’ own shipping rules and multiple shipping methods.
Minimum Order Values
Restrict the ability to place a orders based on the value of items added to the shopping cart. Display a custom message to visitors explaining your minimum order value rule.
Free Delivery Value
Offer free delivery when the order value reaches a specific amount. Free delivery charge can be added for each delivery method and region.
VAT Exempt For Disabilities
Where you supply VAT exempt disability products and you need to collect additional information at the checkout to confirm the customer’s eligibility to purchase products using a VAT exemption.
Collect In Store
This option allows the customer to select collection from your store instead of having the product shipped by courier. If you have multiple store locations, the customer can choose a particular store to collect from.
Collection Categories
If you have multiple store locations, run shows or events, deliver to schools or colleges, you can create categories to filter your collection categories and make them easier to manage.
Shipping Cost By Weight
Weight based shipping is the most flexible way to manage shipping costs, items weights can be manipulated to offer a wide range of shipping options.
Shipping Cost By Order Value
Order value based shipping is quick way of creating shipping charges without the need to add product weights or dimensions. This works in conjunction with free delivery values to offer free shipping when an order reaches a specific value.
Delivery Date Picker
If you offer delivery on specific dates, this function will display a date picker tool at the checkout. You can create your own rules and omit specific days of the week such as Sundays or bank holidays.
Order Despatch Countdown Timer
If you offer same day order despatch, this countdown timer is a useful tool which can be displayed on the product detail page to impart urgency and entice the customer to place their order immediately.
VAT Export Handling
Remove VAT charges for customers in foreign countries where VAT charges are exempt. Set default add product settings.
Advanced Product Gallery
Create gallery pages and add unlimited images. Detailed images appear in pop up windows. Each image pop up includes a link to your enquiry form and contact detail.
Gallery Categories
You can create multiple gallery categories. Each gallery image can appear in as many categories as you like. You can place each gallery on any page of your website.
Simple Bulk Price Update
This tool applies site wide price updates to any price field. You can updated prices based on supplier or category. You can increase or decrease prices by a percentage or flat amount. Other options include rounding and forced rounding, e.g. force prices to end with 0.99p
Express Grid Style Bulk Updater
This tool provides a spreadsheet style tool to update multiple items at the same time. To make things easier, you can remove any fields you don't need to work on.
Bulk Upload Manager
This tool allows you to upload products from an Excel spreadsheet or CSV file. The system detects the columns in your spreadsheet during upload.
Advanced Image File Manager
The file manager allows you to view all images and pdf files that you have uploaded. You can be quickly edit replace, rename or delete any files as required.
Advanced Broad Match Search
The broad match search tool lets visitors find products by typing single keywords or sentences. The search function will find the most relevant items and display them on the page.
Quick Reorder Link
This tool allows customers to place a repeat orders. The customer clicks the re-order button from within their account area. This will add all the items from a selected order back into the cart in one go. The customer can then proceed through the checkout as normal.
Unlimited Company/Info Pages
Create as many pages as you need within the company info sections of your website. You can edit page content with easy to use word style page editors.
Order Management
The order manager has all the tools you need to take care of your customer accounts. In this section, you can view all of your customer contact info and order history.
Search Orders
You can search for orders by order id, order date, customer name or email address.
Order Status
You can create unlimited order statuses to suit your needs. For example, New Orders, Packing, Despatched, Cancelled, Returned. For each order status, you can send a custom message to your customer.
Order Print Outs
You can create your own custom layout for your order print outs. In the website admin, you can update the design using a simple Word style editing tool.
Customer Device Reporting
When a customer places an order, the system collects the user's device, IP address and browser.
Courier Tracking Numbers
You can add tracking numbers to you orders when you despatch your orders. The tracking number is then included in your despatch alert email. Your customer can track the progress of their parcel by visiting the shipping agent's website.
Internal Order Notes
You can add your own custom notes to each order. This will help you to keep track of any changes or other important information relating to the order.
Part Order Despatch
If you despatch parts of customer orders at different times and in different consignments, the part despatch function will allow you to keep track of items that have already been sent and those that are still waiting to be despatched. Notification emails are automatically sent to the customer with a full summary of items and tracking numbers.
Customer Accounts
Create, edit and delete customer accounts through the website admin. Customer passwords can also be manually re-set by the site administrator if required.
Search Customer Accounts
Quickly find customer accounts by keyword search using first name, last name, email address, post code and partial address details.
Personalised Status Notifications
When the order status is changed, this function allows you to edit the notification email to personalise the message and add extra information if required.
Reset Password Email
Allows you to customise the email message that is sent to customers when they request a password reset through their account. The message is sent automatically by the system along with a new password.
Reset Password Failure
Allows you to edit the message displayed to customers if they have entered an email address for their account incorrectly.
Accept payments using Paypal, can also be used to accept credit card payments.
Paypal Surcharge Option
This option allows to add a surcharge to the order total if your customer chooses to pay by Paypal. The surcharge can be a flat amount or a percentage of the order total.
We are official World Pay partners allowing you to accept credit card payments through Worldpay.
The SagePay payment gateway works as a credit card processor and allows customers to pay using Paypal if they wish to do so.
Card Save
Full integration with the Card Save payment gateway
Accept card payments through Stripe. Stripe offers fast payment processing with a simple payment interface.
Formally known as Moneybookers, Skrill is easy to set up and provides a quick and easy gateway for customers to pay you using credit or debit cards.
The realex payment gateway allows you to collect payments by credit or debit card and offers a simple interface which is easy to use.
Easy Layaway Plan
This allows you to set up a layaway payment plan allowing customers to pay for their goods over a set period of time. A rolling payment total is displayed in the customer account along with the next payment due dates.
Accept credit cards through your Nochex account. Nochex offer competitive transaction fees and a simple payment gateway.
The RMS ecommerce payment gateway offers a seamless payment gateway solution allowing you to accept credit and debit cards.
V12 Finance
With V12 finance you can offer your customers a monthly payment plan at various rates of interest depending on the time period over which they choose to pay.
Abandoned Cart Recovery
When customers abandon their shopping carts without placing an order, the abandoned cart recovery tool will automatically send a follow up email to the customer. Discount codes can be included in the message to entice the customer to complete their order.
Discount Management
The discount management system allows you to create a wide range of discount rules which can be used to entice customers to place an order.
Voucher Codes
The discount code manager allows you to create voucher codes which customers can use at the checkout. You can create a wide to control use of the voucher codes.
Cart Value Discount
Give a discount when the value of goods in the customer’s shopping cart reach a specific value. Discounts can be flat or based on a percentage of the goods total.
Multiple & Single Use Discounts
You can create discount codes for single or multiple use by the customer.
Use With Other Discounts
You can create user rules to control how your discounts are applied. For example, you may want to create a discount that is only used on its own. Or, you may want to create a discount that can be used together with other discounts.
Flat & Percentage Discounts
Discounts can be a flat, fixed amount or a percentage of the goods total.
Discount Start & End Date
You can create discounts with a start date and finish date. This is useful if you want to control when your customers can use the discount. For example, you might run seasonal sales. Or, you may want to run a quick a weekend sale, or a payday sale etc.
Discounts For Specific Items
If you offer discounts on specific items only. This function lets you create rules that will apply your discount calculation only to those items. If the customer adds other products to the cart, they will be excluded from the discount.
Category Discounts
You can create bulk discount rules for all products in a category. You can then set up other rules to control how the category discounts are applied.
Cart Status
You can control the availability of the cart by turning it on an offline. This is useful if you want to stop new orders being created. E.G. Lots of our small business clients use this if they are away on holiday and and cannot process orders.
Website Optimiser
This tool checks your pages to make sure you have optimised them correctly. When it finds an incorrectly optimised page, it will list the page in the optimisation report. The tool will explain what you need to do to optimise the page.
Subscription Control
Using this tool you can decide how the subscription checkbox will be displayed to your customers. You can set the box to be checked or unchecked by default.
Mail Chimp Integration
The Mail Chimp integration app makes it simple for you to add your customers to your Mail Chimp account. This uses Mail Chimp’s API to import customer email addresses into Mail Chimp email campaign lists.
Add Subscribers In Site Admin
Site admin users can add new subscribers through the website admin. These can be added manually using a form or added in bulk via csv file.
Edit Subscribers
Site admin users can update the subscriber details and suspend or remove them from the lists.
Filter Website Enquiries By Type
In the enquiry manager, the filter option lets you display messages by form type. E.G. Contact Form, Get a Quote Form, Price Match Form etc. This tool also shows the user’s browser, ip address and device. The date of the enquiry is displayed with the message.
Article / Blog Manager
No need for an additional word press blog for additional content and news. The news article manager lets you build content and run your blog within your own website pages.
Add Unlimited Articles
You can add as many articles as you like. To improve SEO, you can create links straight to your product detail pages in the text of your articles.
Categorise Articles For Better SEO
Add unlimited article categories. When you have a lot of blog pages it is better to split them into categories. This will help people to quickly find what they are looking for and help with your SEO.
Add Related Products To Articles
With this tool you can display related products on your article page. Simply click to select the products you want to display. The products will appear on the Article page with images, short descriptions and prices. Clicking the product will take the visitor to the product detail page.
Add Related Articles
This tool allows the site admin to place related articles on the article details page. This helps your website SEO by improving the internal links.
Multiple Article Page Layouts
The Article page is not limited to one design layout. This means the site admin can choose a different layout for articles that need more impact.
Site Map Manager
You can use the site map manager to ping Google and bing when you make website updates. This will tell the search engines that you have added or updated content on your website. This means your new content is picked up more quickly. The site map manager displays a report of the last ping and it’s status.
Slider Manager
If your website has a slider on the home page, you can easily change the design in the manager. You can save your sliders and turn each one online or offline as needed. You can change the order of the slides using drag and drop list order.
Promotional Labels
Make products stand out on your pages. Add eye grabbing labels for special offers, best sellers and sale items etc.
Admin User Levels
As the website owner you have full control over admin user accounts. This means you can decide which sections your admin users can access. You can block users, change their passwords and create new accounts as they are needed.
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