Electric Bike Shop Ecommerce Web Design
Electric Bike Shop Ecommerce Web Design
A2B are a global supplier of electric bikes. Their headquarters and main design centre based in Berlin Germany. From there they manage a worldwide network of manufacturing and distribution centres. The range of electric bikes they produce are well known for their outstanding quality. Not to mention the cutting edge technical features. Back in 2008 they changed the bike market forever. They created the World’s first true ebike with its own internal motor system. The range of bikes they manufacture and distribute today have their own unique identity. The technical team in Germany spend thousands of hours developing each model. This ensures they all ride as beautifully as they look.

When they asked us to develop The Electric Bike Shop for their UK distributors our remit was simple. Create a great looking e commerce website that would help them to make their first stake in the UK market. It needed to showcase the high quality build and attention to detail of the bike's design.

With a premium priced items, customers spend a lot of time carrying out product research before making a purchase. The Electric Bike Shop website provides customers with lots of detailed information. There are full technical specs for each model of electric bike.

We had to make sure all of the technical information was included in the product detail pages. This had to be done without distracting from the beauty of the actual bikes. We did this by creating bespoke pages for each bike model. All technical specs are displayed just above the page fold. This leads the visitors eye to read down the page after they have taken in the images.

As well as still images, the site also makes use of videos for most products. We host the videos on a YouTube channel. They appear in lightbox pop ups to ensure that the visitor does not leave the website when they are being viewed. Hosting the videos on YouTube ensures exposure for social sharing. It also improves the website’s organic authority.

The Electric Bike Shop offer a number of different delivery options for their bikes. Customers can opt to have the bike delivered direct from the factory either fully or partially assembled. They can also opt for a concierge delivery service. Here the bike is delivered to the customer by the firm's own technicians. The technician will hand deliver the fully assembled bike. Ride height and other adjustments are made while the client sits on the bike. This ensures that the bike fits the owner’s stature perfectly. The technician will also provide a demo and servicing instructions. They make sure that the new owner fully understands how to ride and operate their bike.

The various delivery options have different costs. These can all be selected by the customer at the time of purchase. This type of complex delivery pricing would normally require custom programming. However, these functions are a standard feature of our ecommerce website software.

The Electric Bike Shop also asked us to manage their search engine marketing and Adwords PPC campaigns. We carried out initial keyword research and optimised the website for organic search. Afterwards we set up their Adwords PPC campaign which we now continue to manage on a day to day basis. We provide full reporting and metrics for sales conversions and performance. This covers all the online marketing activity.

Sales through the website exceeded target by 50% in the first quarter after launch. Organic visitor levels have continued to grow every month.
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